Job Opening

The Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences has a position for an Accelerator Scientist to serve as part of a team in the operation and maintenance of particle accelerators and related auxiliary equipment in the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory.

Main Duties:
The ideal candidate will be expected to maintain and upgrade the remote control system and the experimental tracking system that are currently the backbone of the laboratory operations. He/She would operate the particle accelerators and the ion sources in order to deliver high quality ion beams to the users of the laboratory. He/She will play a critical role in troubleshooting of vacuum (mechanical, turbo and cryo pumps) and electronic equipment and would be expected to do the initial testing of faulty components. The successful candidate will interact with and assist the users of the laboratory with their experiments and be available, on occasion, after hours and in the weekend.

Qualifications and Essential Job Functions:
· Minimum education level is an MS in a relevant field.
· Background in the field of physics, nuclear physics, or an engineering field and minimum experience of one year working with particle accelerators and ion sources
· Practical knowledge and experience in accelerator physics in general and in ion irradiation experiments in particular preferred
· Experience with Linux system administration
· Experience with web languages and formats (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JSON)
· Experience with GUI programs such as Labview, Visual C, and similar or experience with software-hardware integration in accelerator-based environment
· Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well as part of a team
· Good oral, written, and communication skills, as well as good time management skills
· Ability to supervise and assist internal and external users to conduct routine experiments

Each candidate should submit a curriculum vitae that includes at least three references. Successful candidate is expected to start on September 1, 2018.

Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory (MIBL)

The laboratory is equipped with a 3.0 MV Pelletron accelerator, a 1.7 MV Tandetron accelerator, a 400 kV ion implanter and a 300 kV FEi Tecnai microscope. The lab is configured so as to couple the three accelerators in five different target chambers and seven beam lines. Two additional ion beamlines interface with the TEM for dual-beam in-situ irradiations. MIBL is involved in a variety of experiments, including but not limited to materials research, surface analysis, irradiation modification of materials. Additional information about MIBL can be obtained from our website: